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WDT OASIS Studio is an open association of highly skilled in some IT professionals.

Our Studio works very hard to meet all of our client's requirements and desires. We do our best to satisfy our customers' needs. Our Work is performed by the following standards:

  • Maximum customer-satisfaction in relation to terms, conditions, payments, etc.
  • Highest-level product quality.
  • Guaranteed product-functionality.
Besides DHTML and Flash development , we also create:
  • various Web graphics such as banners, logos, buttons, Web headers, etc. using Adobe Photoshop, ImageReady and Flash;
  • stand-alone applications, CD presentations, and Flash page inserts using Macromedia Flash technology;
  • 3D graphics using 3D-Max;
  • various materials for print, company identity packages, etc., using QuarkXPress and Adobe Illustrator.

WDT OASIS also produces:

software for *NIX, Windows* operating systems;

Web applications for Apache, IIS servers using the following program languages and technologies:

  • Perl, PHP, HTML, XML, JavaScript, SQL;
  • C++, Visual Basic .NET,Visual Basic,VBA ;
as well as database machines:
  • mySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle;
  • MS Access, MS VFP.

Due to the ever-changing and flexible nature of IT, our pricing is not "fixed", and therefore, is not based on a 'per web-page' basis, or as pertains to Flash, on a 'flash clip duration' basis.

An accurate and reasonable budget is always best reached through the clarification of all project details and specifications between the customer and WDT OASIS.

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